run through the air with no barriers (liveonthesun) wrote in menstrual_cups,
run through the air with no barriers

I'm 20 and decided recently to start using cups. I got a small DivaCup because it's the only brand I could find in my town and I like to see what I'm putting in my vagina before I commit to it. Everything is going smoothly so far, but I'm having a small issue with removal.

My blood has always been really thick and almost black. When I remove the cup, there's usually a string of blood connecting the cup and my vagina. No matter how I pull it or shake it around, I always end up having to break it with my finger and then it splatters a little onto my hand and the outside of the cup. One of the reasons I switched to cups was because I was tired of having to make sure to get the blood off my fingers after removing tampons. It's really not that big of a deal, just kind of annoying. I can remove the cup cleanly except for this one problem. Is there any way to prevent this?
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