the shining bacon of democracy (mangosorbet007) wrote in menstrual_cups,
the shining bacon of democracy

Gunk in stem?

I've been using menstrual cups for, oh, almost 10 years now, quite happily. The current model is a Mooncup that I've had for maybe 5 years. Yay, menstrual cups!
But: Last cycle I noticed a dark deposit in the stem, at the very top, i.e. the bit at the bottom of the cup itself. Boiling, boiling with baking soda, soaking with biological stain remover (normally my go-to method to bleach the cup) did nothing. No idea whether this is blood that somehow got up there or mold or what, but I want it gone!

Any ideas? I am considering using a syringe to get some bleach up there...
Tags: cleaning

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