emo_the_ninja (emo_the_ninja) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking Diva Cup

Hey I have the small Diva Cup ( I'm only 15) and have a few problems. I can get it to work but as soon as it fills up to the 15ml mark it starts to leak. No  leaking whatsoever until 15mls then no more goes into the cup it just leaks out instead GRRRR.
Any suggestions would be helpful beacause I really need to get this sorted as exams are come up and I need to sit there for 3 hours without making a mess and a super tampon only last about 1 hour for me.

Also anyone else notice that after you empty the cup in to the toliet and flush that there is still a little bit of blood sitting right at the bottom? Know how to solve this ? ( got a younger brother I dont think he would like to find even a drop of blood in the loo).

One more problem wore it last night to bed with a pad back up, about 8mls went into the cup and then the rest into the pad. I have no idea why possible beacause I was lying down??

I need some help its just too hard.
Tags: divacup, family & friends, leakage & spotting, seal & suction

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