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Finished 2nd Cycle.....MCUK/Meluna/Lunette....

Hello Ladies :)
Just finished 2nd cycle using a cup.  Last month I went OCD and purchased a Large and Medium Meluna, A Large and Small Lunette and a Large Diva to go with my 1st cup, a Mooncup UK.   This cycle I used the Large Lunette, the Large Meluna and the MCUK.....

I liked using my cup first time, but was plagued by leaks.  This month I still had the same leaks but I think I've finally worked out where I'm going wrong. (the other option, that my cervix is too low, too wonky, and my flow too heavy to use a cup properly, is too terrible to contemplate).  I don't want to buy another box of tampons! 

Anyway, I had a dry run with the Large Lunette and it felt uncomfortably large for me.  Did a similar dry run with the Large Meluna and loved it straight away, comfy and easy to insert and remove.  The little ball stem stays just at the entrance to my vagina, but I can't feel it at all.  I haven't found it too slippery to grip either, like some people have.  I wish I hadn't spent so much money on the other cups - I'd rather buy a couple of spare Meluna's in case it ever breaks or I lose it.

Used the Large Meluna for the first 2 days or so then tried the Large Lunette for the bigger capacity, unfortunately it was just as uncomfortable as the dry run.  I felt like I had a rugby ball up there! (or football to you Americans)**(PLEASE READ THE EDIT BELOW!).  I had to remove it and go back to the Meluna.  According to the size chart, there's not much difference between them,  so maybe it's my vag that's weird!

Tried the MCUK again, and whilst it's definitely comfortable and easy for me to insert and remove, I find the capacity too small.  I'll probably use it for the end of my period when the flow is light, to save wear and tear on my precious Meluna.

Now to ask a favour: I've journalled my first 2 cycles and originally it was just for my own amusement and I had them so only I could read them.  Now I've made them public and I'd appreciate a critique if anybody has a few minutes to spare.  I want to know if they're TMI Central and also if they're likely to put off a newb from trying a cup.   Any other comments would be very welcome too.  

**EDIT: Since writing this a month ago, I've worked out how to position the cup optimally and not only has the leaking stopped, but the cups are riding higher and the Large Lunette is now wearable.  Still not quite as comfy as the Meluna, but the higher capacity has been worth the compromise for heavy days.
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