moon_magick78 (moon_magick78) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Two different names for the same fold?

Hi all!
I am just a little confused about something and was hoping someone could clarify for me.
I watched a few videos and have saw a few pictures of different folds posted. My question is this...are the "extreme 7" and "triangle fold" different names for the same exact fold?
I started really taking to the 7 fold, until I found that I could fold it over just a liiiittle bit more and it would work even better. I had "heard" of the "extreme 7" and assumed that's what I had just accomplished. However, I saw the same exact fold that I had experimented with and got named "the triangle fold" which is exactly how I described it in one of my posts, as looking like a "triangle".  So anyway, yeah...does anyone have a picture of the "extreme 7" ? I'm very interested in knowing if they are just the same thing.
Thank you very much!
Tags: insertion - folding methods

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