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End of Cycle first time using cup!!! woo hoo (cleaning idea for you)

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to post that I just ended my first cycle using the DivaCup and I really do love it. It was a rough couple of days trying to find out which fold worked best for me and I had some soreness, but reading the post I realized I could use some I'm going to go get some (water based) in time for my next cycle. I've tried the C fold, punch down fold (which was my favorite until I discovered the extreme 7", The seven fold and my new favorite which I mentioned...the extreme seven, it opens easily with minimal "suckage" LOL some of the folds wanted to latch on to anything in it's path including the sides of my vagi LOL not too pleasant. I'm AM assuming that the extreme seven (haven't seen a pic) is the same as the 7 fold but folded allll the way over to the left side of the cup and down...almost like the cup is folded into a triangle??? anyway whatever I just wonders. 
Ok, so I love my cup and I had a wonderful period and now that it's the end..I knew I wanted to disinfect it. However, I did NOT want to have a special pan and spoon just for the occasion. Seems like a lot to me. SOOO I thought and I thought and finally said "hey wait...I keep all my old butter containers for left over, I wonder if my cup would fit in one of those, then I could fill it with water, throw my cup in and put it in the microwave for about 3 mins" I tried it and it works!!! I've posted pics just so you can get the idea, then you don't have to deal with a spoon and big bulky pot just to boil your cup. I rinsed the container out after use and will keep it to use over and over again and it dosn't take up much space at all (on top of my medicine cabinet in the bathroom). Anyway, I brought the water in the container to a boil in the microwave with the cup in it and the lid of the container resting just on top....VERY CONVENIENT!!!
Thought I would share that with you ladies.

Butter container

Diva Cup size 2 (nice fit for the container)

P.S. good way to recycle your plastics. I use things like this for just about everything...I just found a new use!!! LOL

Tags: cleaning, cleaning - boiling, divacup, success stories

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