moo's mama ;D (teamrose) wrote in menstrual_cups,
moo's mama ;D

Hey! ;]

I'm new around here and actually, just received my first menstrual cup, a size 2 Divacup. I've (luckily) gone 2 years period free and as soon as my little girl hit 13 months, my period smacked me -- hard. I've always used tampons but during my pregnancy I was learning more and more about my body and realized that half the issues I had during menstruation were related to the products I was using. I've switched from disposable pads to homemade (mmm, so soft!) and wavering between the Divacup and Sea sponges (like tampons, but not). Finally I chose the Divacup, but now I am worried and so I come to you all!

During my pregnancy the OB told me I had a high, tilted cervix and now I'm wondering if I will get the right fit with the Divacup. Will I be able to position it correctly? Will it leak? How will I know if the fit is right? Will I need to spend an hour, sitting over the toilet, inserting and reinserting it? I'm feeling a bit of anxiety all of a sudden. Lol.

Any help is appreciated ;]
Tags: divacup, postpartum

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