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Comment on About.com running article

I was over on About.com reading an article entitled "Embarrassing Running Problems". Number ten in the list was "Menstrual Concerns". The author, a fellow female, recommended tampons over pads for runners. I decided to send her a nice note telling her I agree that tampons are better than pads, but that I find menstrual cups even better. I told her a little bit about cups and their benefits, listed several of the activities I've done without worry thanks to my cup, and thanked her for her time. She sent me a nice note back and suggested I comment on her article to help out other female readers. Here's what I wrote:

I have something to add for item number 10, Menstrual Concerns. Christine says, “Tampons are recommended over pads for comfort and to avoid chafing. Just make sure you carry an extra one on your long runs during that time of the month.”

I agree that tampons are more convenient than pads, but would recommend menstrual cups over both. I have used a menstrual cup for almost two years now and I can’t believe I went as long as I did without it. I have gone scuba diving, competed in wrestling tournaments, attended yoga classes, boxed, cycled, and led a generally active lifestyle without having to worry about leaks.

A menstrual cup can be safely worn for up to 12 hours at a time and far exceeds the capacity of an “ultra” absorbency tampon (30 ml vs. 15-18 ml of fluid). Furthermore, menstrual cups have not been associated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS), are known to reduce menstrual cramps for some women, and cost less over time because a cup can be used for several years before being replaced. Personally, I use a DivaCup and love it, but there are several other brands available on the market. Some brands, like DivaCup, are made of medical grade silicone. Others, such as The Keeper, are made of natural gum rubber.

In the LiveJournal menstrual_cups community, there is a very informative post about what cups are, the different brands, sizes, and so on. Check it out and browse around while you’re there. The community has a lot of information for those considering cups, those already using them, and those who just want to learn more. http://community.livejournal.com/menstrual_cups/1285963.html.

More than anything, I really liked her positive response. She didn't say "ick" or "gross". She seemed genuinely appreciative that someone had told her about cups. Even if they're not for her, perhaps she will pass the word along to other women so they can have the option, too.
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