...... (kazumitsu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Just managed to introduse a friend to cups

I recently introdused a friend of mine to cups. Now please forgive me as well as being half blind and dyslexic I have been haveing terrible migranes at the moment. The painkillers make me act a bit weard thank goodness I'm not takeing this stuff every day.

I just wish it hadnt happend in such a well... public way. I had hoped everything would be descussed in a nice quiet way but a friend found the little unused MeLuna in its bag wile we were around my friends house. There was one of those online radio shows going on and being broudcast from that room. I think we had about twelve listeners but i'm not shure. Well even with all the sillyness I think we were quite informative about the subject and I think there is a convert to cups.

Just I wish things had gone a bit diffrent or maybe with more listeners.

So a rather small and erm... intesting effort to promote cups. I'd love to say I did my bit for the cause but I was so doped up on painkillers because of a migrane I dont remember much of it.

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