aussiechicks (aussiechicks) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi all Aussie & NZ Cup users!!

We love this forum and regularly direct our first-time-users to it. What a fantastic resource!

We are wanting to write some articles for health, fitness and the general media to get the word out there but need your help. We have a number of international quotes but to really get the Aussie public’s attention we want to use quotes from genuine Australian users. The aim of the articles is not so much to rant and rave about cups (as much as we’d love too!), but to make Australian women aware that another sanitary option is now available to them.

So…this is a call of help to any of you cup users who are Doctors, nurses, instructors, personal trainers, all health professionals, athletes, etc, or do you know anyone in these professions who use a cup and doesn’t mind being quoted?

 If so, please contact us directly at   

Thank you so much in advance!! :p

Tags: activism, lunette
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