zombieterrorist (zombieterrorist) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help, please?

Hi, someone referred me to here.

So I've been using Instead for a few months now. I ordered Moon Cup a month ago. After a few weeks, I still never received it (I thought it was being sent from the UK...imagine my rage when I saw Ohio on the Website!). I called the lady said to shoot them an e-mail or some snail mail. After two e-mails, they responded asking for name and purchase date. I gave them the information they wanted, then waited another week to e-mailed once more to ask if they found my ordered. They sent a copy of the tracking number which said the ordered was received on September 17th. I didn't get my Moon Cup at all. They have the wrong zip code, though.

This had me in tears (embarrassing, but it's a mix of blood, guts, and gore starting soon and the fact I pay 37$ dollars for it, already missed using it for one period, and realize that I'll have to spend money on things I thought I'd never have to buy again)

Has anyone had an experience like this? What should I do? I feel slightly betrayed :(

I sent them another email saying that my zip code was wrong, but my computer got a virus and I don't have the record of my purchase. Ugh, this sucks!
Tags: customer service
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