jasminehoover (jasminehoover) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My invention

Last night I was thinking about how to improve the cup and I thought if It had some kind of base you could open up and empty that would be amazing. (not sure how sanitary that would be and it would flow onto your hand while you unscrew/pop open the bottom) but I like the idea! 
I can't really figure out how the base could open, maybe screw on/off like toothpaste but it could pinch you.. or a pop one like the other tootpaste containers.. anyway I'm not sure how it could work.. any ideas? 
I just think it would be sweet to never have to remove / reinsert all you would do is  just open it up.. drain it... put the cap back on and go on with your business, then take it out at the end of the cycle. 
Anyway I thought I would let everyone know my late night ideas....
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