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Need help-leaking with Diva-size 2

I am so happy to have found this group!  I need some help.  I have worn my Diva-2 for two cycles already and I'm having issues with leaking.  Insertion and Removal is not a problem at all, but I start leaking when the cup is only 7.5ml full!  I know the Diva Large can hold a lot more, but I can't figure out what is going wrong.  I am over 30 and have had one vaginal birth.  My cervix is low and tilted(~50mm from vaginal opening).  I have turned the cup inside out and it helps delay the leaking from 4ml to 7.5ml.  I do have a heavy flow the first 3 days, but I know that this cup is supposed to hold a lot more than this.  I'm having to remove every hour on the first 3 days which is very inconvenient.  I first thought about switching to a different cup, but don't have many choices since I live in the US and capacity wise there isn't much choice left!  Any help, tips, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.   I'm not ready to give up and I really want to make this work:)
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