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This is my first cycle with my cup, thankfully no insertion or removal problems. However how do I deal with the girls on my floor? They already don't like me since I live for academics instead of parties. Tonight at the sinks the other girl in the bathoom caught sight of my bloody cup and said 'gross'. 

I looked at her and said menstrual cup, and continued to rinse it off despite her deer in the headlights look. Another girl wasn't phased when I dropped it after rinsing yesterday. I don't mind cleaning my cup in public and will contiue to do so...a glimpse of a bloody cup is better than the smell from the unwrapped used pads and tampons that sit in open wastebaskets in the stall all weekend (blech).

Any advice as what to say to the girls who think that my cup is gross and should not be rinsed off in the sinks. I don't want to clean it in the showers since those are never clean and there is no water pressure
Tags: dorms
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