guccihon (guccihon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

1st Time User Issues

This is my first time using a menstrual cup for my period.  I have the Large Diva Cup and was very excited about using it this time.  My perios started yesterday and inserting with the push down has not been a problem but it seems to go in very deep after a while.  It is so deep that I can not even get to the stem unless I bare down.  My main issue besides this is cup overflow.  Yesterday I had to change my cup every two hours because it would leak and I could feel it spilling on my pad.  Luckily I wore a pad as a back up as I do with my Super Plus Tampons.  When I took the cup out each time it was completely full.  Last night I leaked so much on my pad and had to change 3 times through the night.  Each time the cup is completely full.  I was under the impressions that you did not need to change the cup as much as a Tampon.  I never had to change my Tampon every hour even on a heavy day.  It was more like every 3 hours with a Super Plus tampon.    The blood is so thin and is all liquid.  When I wear a Tampon the blood seems to be think and clotty.  I am thinking that is why I have to change more often.  My purpose for wearing the cup is to not use tampons and pads anymore.  I seems to need to change my pad every two hours this is defeating the purpose.  If I use reusable pads I will run out after a few hours.  Any suggestions.  WHy is my cup filling so fast?  Is the cup up too far?  Please help.  Thanks.
Tags: heavy blood flow
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