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hey all,

After my frustration earlier this week, I have ordered my femmecup off ebay and payment got cleared today so it will soon be on its way to me! I am very happy. Now, being a newb to the knowledge that my cervix will move around during my period, I did a bit of experimentation, and found something very interesting. From what I've seen on here, most people say that their cervix is lower when their period is heaviest. which makes sense since its cramping and working hard and all that... However, mine actually retreats when it's heaviest. It's lowest right before it starts, then it seems to back right up. Maybe it's trying to hide from the cramps and nausea I've been having?  Poor little uterus.

Just wondering about this. Now that I've already ordered it, and since then discovered that my cervix likes to hide during my period, I'm just hoping I don't need a longer cup...

EDIT: Thanks all for the reassurances! I realised after reading the replies that I probably wont have anything to worry about, at all. Femmecup is currently in shipping to me and should be here soon XD I'll definitly keep everyone posted, and try and record how things go as both a new cup user and  femmecup user.
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