San Grail (san_grail) wrote in menstrual_cups,
San Grail

Sizes? Cervix length? In mm/inches please?

Is approx 45mm depth to cervix, short or medium length?

Reading posts, I understand that 1 inch/25mm is definately 'short'.

From the measurements post, 'If you have to reach really deep or still can't reach it, then you have a long vagina.'
So long is about 75mm+?

I *guessed* that made 45mm a medium, but saw another post which mentioned a length equal to an 'inside out divacup' as being short? (40mm+?)

I've been trawling through the posts for awhile now, so pretty, pretty please, could someone provide some size guidelines?
Inches, mm, metres, I don't care! Just anything on a ruler!

Other details, if people want to recommend a particular brand:
27, non-virgin, non-preggers, IUD (worried about that last one - need to not cause suction!)

I will be visiting the US soon, so the easiest & cheapest would be to get something with my amazon order (*sigh* but Diva is probably too long?), but I live in NZ, so should be able to order UK MoonCup, etc etc.

Thank you!

P.S. side rant: I SWEAR my cervix started riding lower when I got an IUD, but I got told I must have been 'unobservant' (ie imagining it). During my period was formerly the only time I *could* just barely touch my cervix. *grumps*
Tags: cervix position, sizes/size issues

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