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Small Lunette or small Fleurcup?

I've started using the medium MeLuna (ball stem) a few days ago, and thanks to all the great advice I've found here (the instruction booklet was far from detailed), I've been quite successfull. I got the leaks troubleshot quite quickly, and have emptied it a few times in public toilets on my second day. I chose the MeLuna because it's local (to me), has fancy colours, and since all the rest of the info was just confusing me, I decided I might as well start with what seems to be the cheapest cup until I know what I like and don't like about it. And I'm already thinking about switching.

Things about myself:
- really low cervix (so I'm glad the M MeLuna is short)
- pretty heavy flow (I definitely need more capacity)
- 22 and no penis-in-vagina sex, so something a bit thinner would be nice.
Also, removing the MeLuna is painful, which I attribute to the thick, firm rim and to the lack of training.

Based on the size chart, I figured the small Lunette or the small Fleurcup would both be good alternatives, as they are a bit thinner, only two millimeters longer and have a greater capacity. As I'm in Europe, it won't be a problem getting either of them. I lean towards the Fleurcup because it's available in fancy colours, but that shouldn't be my main argument and, even browsing this community, I haven't found any other difference between them. I would especially like to know if one is softer than the other.
Tags: brand comparisons, fleurcup, lunette, meluna, success stories
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