adrialien (adrialien) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Capacity for Large Meluna?

Hi everyone,
I am thinking about getting a higher-capacity cup than the two I have (small Dive and large Lunette Selene). From the size chart, it looks like the large Fleurcup and large Meluna would be my best bet, but there's no specific capacity listed for the large Meluna and I was wondering if anyone has one and would be willing to measure the functional capacity (to the holes) for me?

Also, given that the large Lunette has a capacity of 24 ml and the Fleurcup has a capacity of 29, and knowing that I typically fill (to overflowing) my large Lunette in about 5-6 hours on a heavy day, am I right to assume that the large Fleur would add about 1 hour to my emptying time? And do you gals think this difference would be worth it? I'm kind of wavering between getting a larger cup for my heavy days or a smaller cup for my light days...
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