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Since I'm pregnant, I went through my stash of tampons and panty liners and gave a big bag to my mom. I told her my plans to get a menstrual cup after the baby is born. She was so excited and of course didn't realize they even existed. She's concerned that she may be able to use one, because, well basically her uterus is falling out (I don't know the medical term for it.) We were talking about it and she said when she uses tampons and has a bowel movement that she pushes her tampon out, however, I do the same thing. Is this due to a short cervix? Do you think she would be able to use one?
I found this when I did a search for menstrual cup pictures. http://images.businessweek.com/ss/09/07/0729_IDEA_awards_students/32.htm
It's very pretty.
Tags: cervix position, disabilities & health problems
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