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decisions made, but the world is against me :P

hey all,

thanks for the info from everyone! I've trawled through all the posts I could find on everything  (and so far you guys have answered every question i could possible ask at this point)  and I have decided to go for a femmecup first. And I know its a little different from what I planned and I did a bit of exploring and I seem to have more room up there than I thought.

but in the midst of PMS-ing as my period showed up today, I'm trying to order one from ebay. I've found one, from a seller in the UK. . Its within my price range and with a buyout (as I cant sit on ebay at work waiting for auctions to finish!), and my net banking was broken. so I called the bank, and got that fixed. Then Paypal had a sook (was trying to set it up). then ebay had a sook. Oh, also, I went to the health food store that stocks rad pads to get some  and they were out of stock.  Oh, and my computer keeps dying. Not to mention my irritation with disposable pads!

I'm wearing my "angry" shirt and my "today is my grumpy day" hoodie for a reason!! lol.

I'm sorry if this post is inapropriate for here, feel free to delete or whatever, since its mainly about me being frustrated!

I did want to say though, I'm so glad I found this community. theres so much information and knowledge here for new people. And its very open, respectful and welcoming, so thankyou!

Edit: got it all working, payment is coming out of my account in the next couple of days. which means (hopefully) my cup will be on its way before my next period! I wanted to add, one of the selling points for me on this one was the measuring lines. And like I said, its a bit bigger than I originally planned, but I'm confident (after furthur research) that I've made a good choice. and if it doesnt work, ill try a different one :D 
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