dandan04 (dandan04) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Aussie Cup Pamphlet

Yep, did all the fix-ups people suggested, put in the extra benefits, and now its finished.

Pamphlet can be found here.

Also, just finished my second cycle on the ladycup, and am still delighted. I spent the whole time worrying about leaks and overflowing - but it was a waste of time. The cup is awesome.

I almost feel like having my period is too easy now. I keep waiting for problems, and there isn't any. I even did my first public toilet change, and it was a breeze. I was a little concerned about wiping the outside with toilet paper when I didn't wash the cup after, because of the leftover fibres. So I wiped only the inside, and just chugged it back in. Would there be any problems with not wiping the outside? I know some folks don't wipe at all, but I get that drip on the edge, so I want to.

Tags: activism, cleaning, papers/articles/pamphlets
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