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Let's Just Say, It Wasn't My Day

It just wasn't my day (Saturday). Some would say I am lucky with my menstruation cycle, but it is rather annoying. My period comes every 40-52 days or so when I am off the pill. While it is only 2-3 days long and incredibly light, it is accompanied by excruciating cramps. Friday night/Saturday morning Auntie Rose decided to make one of her infrequent visits. I struggled through the night with cramps finally taking some Advil at 6:00 AM, which finally allowed me to sleep. Later in the morning I went in search of my GreenCup. Couldn't find it. Finally an hour or so later I found it... in my makeup bag. Go me! Later in the day I discovered my cloth pads had molded (there goes the majority of my collection). So today I spent $20 ordering some new ones on Etsy from my favorite seller. The upside is that I chose some new fabrics. My night ended coming home from work and needing to empty my cup. I have had my cup for over 9 months now. Never really had a problem with it. Well last night I dropped it in the toilet after I had gone #1. I ended up fishing it out, boiling it for 5 minutes and washing it with soap. Yeah, so it really wasn't my day.

Anyways, the cup has made having my period enjoyable and cleaner. And the same goes for cloth pads.
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