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Thanks and a small comparison.

I was part of the group order that fee_parisienne set up through Feminine Wear via schmoomom. Schmoomom sent the cups out on the 6th, and I received my package on the 10th. From Ireland to Las Vegas, Nevada, FOUR DAYS! Amazing. The only reason I'm posting now on the 11th is that my dad ends up getting the mail when he gets home from work around 3:00a, so I had no idea until I woke up today and it was outside my door that it had arrived. :)

I love the softness of the small Lunette I ordered and absolutely can't wait to try to use it. I've been unsuccessful with cups for at least four years, and I'm hoping this will be the cup that enables me to finally convert from pads. I'm so excited to have already received it, well in advance of my next period.

The cup was packaged in a plastic sack with instructions and a storage pouch. Teresa from Feminine Wear included a little notepad (which is awesome because I always write to-do lists), and there are also two little packages of Love Hearts candy.

Thank you all SO much! I really appreciate you all for putting together this order and getting it out to us.

And for those of you who can order from Feminine Wear, it was a great experience even though I personally didn't submit the order.

I already own a small Mooncup UK, and the Lunette is definitely softer and more pliable. The tab stem on the Lunette is REALLY soft, and I'm not worried right now about trimming it. I have a trial large LilacCup that has so far survived foldings and attempted insertions (alas, the small one quickly tore), and I would say that the small Lunette has a much softer rim. The LilacCup is softer overall in the body than the Lunette, but not by much.

I was worried at first about the small Lunette's wider body, but the MCUK has a ridge under the rim, which is about as wide as the widest part of the small Lunette. The Lunette also has a small ridge below the rim, but it's much less pronounced.

The MCUK was almost successful for me last time, except its stiffness and sudden pop made it more painful than I wanted. The LilacCup is too large. I had a small Diva (my first cup) that was great for its narrow body, but much too long. I really am hoping the Lunette is my cup that is "just right" and that one day I can switch between it and the MCUK. I'd also like a small GreenCup, but I'm sort of waiting to see if they release a new cup design that makes it easier to remove.
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