sarahmn (sarahmn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Holy suction!?

I have used a DivaCup Large for about a year with success however after getting my IUD removed I started having heavier periods and the DivaCup wasn't working for me. I tried all the tricks for a better fit without much success so I decided to try another cup. I ordered a large LadyCup and what a difference. The LadyCup is much softer, popped open easier however cups tend to migrate up and back for me even when I start placing them very low behind my public bone. The LadyCup literally latched on to my cervix and wouldn't let go. I am quite comfortable with my body but it was difficult to remove it. The holes that prevent 100% suction where actually blocked because of how the cup was sitting on my cervix. I had no leaking but it was extremely difficult to break suction and remove. I think if there were more holes lower down on the cup this would be perfect for me. I tried it a second time (why?) and the same problem with fit, it completely latched on and I had to reach to the very far edge of my cervix to remove the cup. The softer LadyCup is also more difficult to manipulate. Any ideas on a different cup or possible solutions to this problem? Has anyone had this happen?
Tags: lady cup, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction
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