guccihon (guccihon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup Packaging???

Does the Diva Cup only come in the box or is their another packaging for it.  I was really interested in menstural cups and wanted to try one out.  I orderded a Diva Cup on ebay for only $15 but it did not come in the box that was pictured on the listing.  It came in a plastic package with the Diva Cup label on the top.  The label has the logo as well as a certification #.  It also has the Diva International Contact info.  The cup itself is sealed in a smaller plastic bag.  It also came with the cloth pouch and the pin as well as the instructions.    Is this a real Diva Cup or a good  Made In China knock off?  I need to know before I put this in my body.  Thanks!!!
Tags: divacup
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