K-to-tha-ARA (onesimpleplan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Opening and twisting issues?

OK friends, I have to say, I'm the proud (?) new owner of a small diva cup! 
I told myself I wasn't going to rush out and buy a cup, but wait a few cycles to let my IUD settle in.  Yeah, so I didn't do that.
I tried it as soon as I got home, and had success!  I could hear it pop, and was very pleased.  I successfully inserted it twice that night, then put in a tampon, as I didn't want to sleep with the cup in quite yet.
So, day two, I attempt to put the cup in again, the same way I did the day before (c-fold).  Unsuccessful, several times in a row.  I try to twist it to pop it open, and...no luck.  So, I decide to put it away, and try again another day.  It's not day 3, and while I don't think it's completely open, it's not leaking, and is collecting fluid inside.  I still can't spin it though, and can feel a "dimple" in the cup from where it's not as "open" as I feel it should be.
I realize that my vagina isn't circular, so expecting my cup to feel the same inside as it does outside isn't really realistic.  But I don't feel like the cup feels like it should (if that makes sense to you).  Shouldn't I feel it pop, or at least feel the rim in some sort of round position?  Also, any tips for trying to twist it?  Mine just doesn't want to move!
Tags: insertion - painful or problems

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