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What happens then?

Well hello everyone!
I ordered a MeLuna the other day.  And then I thought i should look around at my anatomy a little more, so i figured out that my cervix is like..huge! it was so big i thought it was the end of my vagina. But then I reached around it and it just kept going, then i ran out of finger. lol So I seriously doubt that when i put the cup it it will migrate past my cervix well bc like i said, its big. But what happens if it does? I can't reach my finger in that far, so how else can I get it out if I can't reach it?  The farthest my finger can go is to the middle of my cervix.  Has it ever happend to you ladies?  It would be like my worst nightmare having it so far i can't reach it.  And i would have no problem going to have it taken out my  pro, but the only person that helped me order it and the only person that knows i'm even getting it is my dad. My mom nor my sister knows.  My dad and I are close enough to talk about it but it would be really weird for him to take me to my gyno and furthermore, i have never had a gyno visit ever.
And another thing i noticed, when i am on my period my cervix just doesn't move at all. it is quite lazy, so is it normal that it just doesn't move for some girls?
Thank you for your advice.
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