Dina Clare (lintilla) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Dina Clare

For those of you who don't get the mylunette.com newsletter:

Environment Week Oct 11-18

Have you thought about doing something “green” for this week? Need some more wipes, wash, cloth pads?!

To celebrate Environment Week we have sussed out some special offers for you:

- www.mylunette.com have a 10% sale off everything for this week only,

- www.greenchickadee.com.au have free regular postage for sales in Australia when you spend over $20.00 during environment week

- www.radpads.com.au have a couple of pages of “October Specials” that are worth checking out

(I'm assuming "this week" means the week of the 11th (Australian time) here.)
Tags: lunette, where to buy

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