whosits (whosits) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I took the plunge and put in my Mooncup today for work. I think I had it in for at least 10.5 hours on the second day of my cycle. When I first put it in it hurt a bit so I poked around until it was comfortable and went on my way. While driving to work I got worried about leaks so I decided to go to the grocery store to buy a small box of tampons just in case. They don't sell them(!) and I wasn't about to buy pads because I have a huge cloth stash.

The whole time I was worried about leaks but I didn't see any so I didn't take it out at work. It was filled up to the first ridge so it was a bit full but not to the top so there was no spillage coming out. The down sides are that the stem rubbed me the wrong way all night long and I did notice I had to urinate more often which is kinda hard when you are working in production because they don't want you to leave.

So my conclusion is that I like the Mooncup but the stem has to go. I did grab the base without grabbing the stem so I am kinda confident I don't need it but I'll probably leave a little left since I have a long canal.
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