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Help! My divacup is very uncomfortable and causes cramps and pressure

I have read hundreds of posts here trying to figure out what the problem is as my Diva hurts me even though I think i have it in correctly. I am a new cup user, having the divacup for the second month. I have sz 2 as I have given vaginal birth once and am 37 yrs old. The problem is that it is VERY uncomfortable, causing really bad cramping & soreness, pressure and a feeling of suction inside me.  I can't do anything but sit or lie down when I have it in....walking is not comfortable as i feel the pressure/suction constantly. It is a relief when i take it out...a big bummer as i want this to work for me!

Insertion goes ok, i feel it pop open and I do NOT leak, therefore leading me to believe i have it in correctly. I am not usually able to spin it, but I have slid my finger around it to make sure it's open. I've re-inserted it many times to try and make sure it's in the correct position... I really can't imagine that i have that many options as it pops open as soon as it's inside me and is suctioned in pretty strong. If it was in the wrong place, i would think that would cause leaking as i do bleed quite heavily. 

I did discover that my cervix is VERY low, just about exactly the same length as the diva flipped inside out. So, it seems the divacup has to be in contact with it, or at least causing the major pressure and discomfort. I'm not sure how I'd get around this since my cervix sits so low. 

I've spent hours reading entries in this great forum and have tried everything i can find: I trimmed the stem with so-so results - it still bothered me so i flipped inside out. This DID help, but the internal pain/discomfort is still there. I have worn it for 2 nights now and several hours during the day. I do have a very sensitive body so i'm wondering if I will not be able to use a cup, especially with my cervix being so low?  The first night felt like my body would never relax with it in... I had the constant feeling of my vagina wanting to push it out (very clenched muscles), and it continues to feel like that many hours later. I realize this particular issue may have to do with me getting used to it, but that is minor compared to the pain i feel from using it. The cramps were so bad on the first day that i had to take it out and was sore for hours later.

I'm hoping someone may have some answers for me as to why this is causing me so much pain! Thankyou ahead of time!
Tags: cramps, divacup, first time use, inside-out
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