every breath is a needle to my heart (jemm) wrote in menstrual_cups,
every breath is a needle to my heart

Just had a gyno appointment

 Hey everyone,

Last week I went to my midwife/gyno appointment, first one I've had since starting to use the Diva. I brought up issues I had with irregular periods, and then said I know I'm not bleeding excessively because I use a cup and can see how much there is. To which she responded "Oh good, so you have a pretty good idea of how much there is every month" as though she hears about women using them all the time. So yay! Medical support! She feels they are perfectly fine to use with an IUD too. 

Then she had me get an ultrasound to just check and make sure everything is okay with my Paragard because of the weird periods. They send us to a radiologist to have them done, and I had a student in the room when the tech did it. Once she got started, she turned to her and said, "Now see, that is PERFECT IUD placement, that's what we like to see." So that means I have had completely successful use of a Diva with the Paragard. 

So after all the tests she had me do, she concluded that it's just all the stress I've been through this past year and nothing more. 
Tags: divacup, doctors, iud
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