mushu_star (mushu_star) wrote in menstrual_cups,

An ingenious cleaning device!

Since my menstrual hygeine is awesome now (if i do say so myself!) after converting to a Lunette 2 yrs ago, I thought I'd make an effort to improve my oral hygeine by swapping my dental floss for a packet of those new 'dental flosser toothpicks' -  the ones with the miniature bottle brush on one end and a toothpick on the other. Unfortunately my teeth are so crowded and crammed together that I couldn't use them and they just made my gums bleed.

Not one to like waste I thought...what could I use this this $4.50 pack of flosser sticks for?? And it came to me, I could use it to clean the four holes in my Lunette! It fits perfectly and scrubs them just like a proper pipe cleaner! I was previously using a bamboo BBQ stick (yes, the sort you poke meat onto). They are now part of my 'cup cleaning kit'. Ingenious!

Just thought I'd share!  :)  
Tags: cleaning, lunette

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