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Over-Excited Newbie...

Been stalking this site for a few months now, and thought I might finally contribute.

I have a lot to say, mostly happy stuff about my journey of cup use, but also about the pamphlet I made for Australian women about cups. Its a long one, though. :)

I've had a fire in my belly about menstrual cups since I came across it by chance on the internet a few months ago. Why didn't I know about them? I researched like mad, turns out Australia is really behind on it all. Anyway, I took all the info and tips I could off this and other websites, (which has been great, thanks!), and finally determined on a cup to get.

I am now the Smug owner and user of a Lilac LadyCup, size large.

I got the greatest tip about getting them off ebay, which not only was heaps cheaper, but with free shipping too, which was such a bonus considering I live in Australia. And I also got the pack of two with one in each size, which was incredibly fortunate as I missed the important step about measuring the length of your vag BEFORE you get a cup. I went  along assuming I was small down there, because I'm 5"4' and have small hips, but things have changed since I was a teen. Being 23 now, I have a rather large vijayjay, and to my surprise the large lady cup, one of the widest on the market, fits like a dream. And I didn't have to trim the stem at all. *smugness*

I had a bit of trouble first run trying them, because the large cup had crazy suction unlike the small.  It took me ten minutes or more to get it out first time, but I relaxed and laughed a bit, took my time and figured it out. With practice now its easy enough to bear down while pulling the stem til I can pinch the base, and then ease the sucker out. Getting it to pop open was a little tricky too, but the face-down seven-fold works great. The capacity on that thing's awesome as well, lasts me all day on my heavy days, and I realise the super-suction gives me complete confidence when I play sport and do other activities, so no back-ups for me.

I'm on my second period with the cup now, and I'm actually noticing as well that my cramps have really reduced. I used to be a fairly bad on the first couple of days, but its really just an ache now, rather than full on gut-pain. Yay!

Okay, I'm done smugging about, the next important thing is that I felt so indignant that No-One Had Told Me About Cups that I have gone ahead and made a pamphlet. I made it really colourful and purdy, user-friendly, and full of info ( - that I've been granted permission to steal from other people).

You can get it from here.

It is specific to Australia though, and the graphics are pixel heavy, on test prints I realise I need a decent printer to make it look as good as it does on my computer. However, I shall go to some nice printers and get them to do me a batch, and I'll start accosting women in the street, and leave some in the waiting room at the doctors for reading material. :)

One question I do have, if anyone knows, is what cups are available for sale in Australia? I know the Keeper and the Lunette are, although the Lunette Selene (weirdly) and everything else isn't. The TGA website is not so helpful, so I'm a little confused on the issue, and I'd like to be as accurate as possible.

Also, if others don't know but are interested, there is going to be a Lunette stall at The Women's Showcase in Sydney Olympic Park on 23-25th October, 2009.

And there's a list of actual shops and online stores in Australia that are selling the Lunette, here.

Hope this wasn't too long! I am just so excited though. :)

Tags: activism, papers/articles/pamphlets, success stories

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