laurette84 (laurette84) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cervix too low?

So I started my period today and ran to try my cup out for the first time.  It went in just fine and I emptied it a few hours later and there was only a drop or two in it but no leaks.  Then I put it back in a left in it for another couple of hours and emptied it because it was poking me and it just barely had fluid in it.  I have a LadyCup and it was only up to the top of the bumps.  Out of curiosity I checked my cervical position and it was very low, about an inch inside the canal.  Then I tried to put the cup back in and it would not open.  I couldnt get it in and I am bummed.  Is there a possibility that my cervix is just too low to use a cup right now? 

I did do a dry run last week and caught a good amount of CM in the cup so I was happy that I was able to get it in proper position.  I am so excited about using my cup but i really hope there aren't a ton of days that I can't use my cup because my cervix is just too low.
Tags: cervix position

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