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second cycle using cups

Hi I been lurking around this message board for over a month, but this is my first post. I am 30 years old with no children and I have an paraguard IUD. I've had my IUD for two years. I can fit two fingers comfortably in my vagina and I can just barely touch my cervix with my middle finger.

I've known about menstrual cups since 2004, but it wasn't until 3 months ago that I bought one. I only knew of the Keeper brand at that time. I ordered a mooncup by keeper size B before I found this board. I was disappointed to find out about their bad business practices.

Last cycle was the first time I used my mooncup (USA). Since I had been reading this board for a few weeks I felt pretty confident things would go smoothly and they did. I did however use tampons for my heaviest day, as I was going to a party and I didn't want to leak or empty my cup in a strange place. I trimmed half of the stem off of my mooncup (USA) to make it less pokey. I was disappointed that the anti-suctions holes are placed so low on the mooncup (USA). By my measurement the mooncup(USA) size B only holds 10 ml (up to holes).

Because the mooncup's (USA) capacity is too low for my heaviest days and because I wanted a second cup I ordered a miacup model 2 from Feminine Wear. This cycle is my first using the miacup. I had some leaking the second day. I'm pretty sure it was because I inserted it standing in the shower, so I didn't get it situated right.  I've been leak-free as long as I insert it when sitting on the toilet and aiming at my tailbone (Melissa's youtube cervix position video was quite helpful). I can go 10-12 hours on my heaviest days before I empty my miacup. This cycle I also started to use cloth liners as backup.

Both cups fit good and are comfortable. I've been using the punchdown fold for both cups. I'm really glad I wised up and bought menstrual cups and I'm also really glad I found this community.

I did however find some misinformation on the sizing charts. Both sizes of the mooncup (USA) are wider than represented on the chart and the miacup model 2 holds more than the chart says. The mooncup (USA) size B is 1 3/4 inches wide and 2 inches long (not counting stem), that converts to approx. 44 mm wide and 51 mm long. The mooncup (USA) size A is 1 7/8 inches long and 2 inches (not counting stem), that converts to approx. 47.6 mm wide and 51 mm long. The miacup model 2 holds 25 ml (up to holes) of fluid. 

I just want to say thank you to everyone at this community, you have been quite helpful in my quest to properly use menstrual cups.

Tags: keeper moon cup, miacup, sizes/size issues, success stories

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