omg riri (teh_riaz) wrote in menstrual_cups,
omg riri

large meluna vs large ladycup?

hey ladies!

I started with a small diva and I could never get it to open right, so it leaked constantly, but then I grabbed a large ladycup off ebay and I LOVE it.  it's one of my "desert island" possessions and I totally tend to forget that I'm gushing like a grievous injury in a B movie when I use it.  but for a couple days, my flow is just TOO heavy and I still end up having to empty it every couple of hours.

the cup (ladycup) never fills the whole way, maybe more like 3/4ths before it leaks, and I always figured it was my cervix taking up space in it.  but as I was looking over the size comparison chart and pictures of the large meluna and then my large ladycup, I started to think maybe it leaks at that point because the holes are so low.  the large meluna looks a little alarmingly long, but it looks like the holes are up close to the rim and maybe I'd have better luck with it on my heaviest days?  does anyone have an approximate realistic capacity for it yet?  I couldn't find that information anywhere.  I also read it was a little stiffer, which is sort of setting off alarm bells in my head - stiffer + longer = diva and the diva did NOT work for me.  hmh.  what do you girls think?

if I go for it, I'm totally waiting till november so I can get the bright green.  something about a menstrual product in my favorite obnoxious color kind of makes the cramping and headaches and targetless rage worth it.  well maybe not really, but I think knowing that my favorite color is indirectly saving my pants from a tsunami will still satisfy me in some strange way.

thanks in advance!  you peeps are wonderful :)
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, lady cup, meluna
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