The Quiet One (_merricat_) wrote in menstrual_cups,
The Quiet One

Some vaginal swelling

This is my first cycle using a DivaCup. I've had no problem with inserting, using the punchdown method. I'm having a moderate amount of trouble with removal. I'm mostly getting the hang of that too although breaking suction is a real problem, it's just so strong and I can't get a finger inside the rim to break the seal. Bearing down does bring the cup right down, and I try squeeze it to break suction, but it seems to take a bit for it to take in any air.

What has happened a few times is I have managed to squeeze the rim together, but it has opened completely just as I am getting it out. Today I noticed I have significant swelling on the right side of my vagina, and a little less on the left. It feels very firm.

Is this normal? Should I not use the cup today? I can't tell if it is possibly the stem irritating me, as I am quite "long" inside and don't feel the stem or anything when I have the cup positioned well. Since I'm having difficulty with removal, I don't know if I should trim the stem or not. Mostly I want to know about this firm swelling. Thanks! (BTW I already have a LadyCup and Lunette on order just for "fun" as I'm so intrigued with cups in general. I am 47, 2 c-sections no vaginal births.)
Tags: divacup, first time use, removal

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