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I have the larger DivaCup but was only able to use it once before I got pregnant. When I used it, I really loved it and I can't wait until after my post partum bleeding to use it again, but I have a couple of questions. 
When you pull it out and clean it and then re-insert it, do you find you get a little bit of leaking from when the cup was out? Do you just wipe it with toilet paper? Liners? Pads?

Do any of you use liners or pads WITH your cups as a just in case? (Side question: If you use cloth pads, what's the best way to clean them?)

If I leak, how do I know which size to switch to ensure a better experience with the cup?

I used to use the Instead disposable cups and I LOVED them, but I found if I laughed or coughed sometimes I would leak some blood. Do you find this with your cups? Part of the reason I got the DivaCup was because it's more environmentally friendly and I'm tired of wasting my money on pads. I'm looking into getting some cloth pads or liners but I would need to know how to store them while camping. See next question. 
One more thing; are any of  you backcountry campers/hikers? Have any of you done any extreme camping while using the cup? How did you clean/maintain it while you were out in the bush? 

Thanks so much!

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