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help for an aussie seeking first cup please?

hey all, I'm new here and i'm also AND to the knowledge that cups even exist. which I think is insane as from all the research I've done as they should be widely celebrated lol.

my question (and im sorry if its already been answered, i've spent the last few hours looking through this community for information and i havent found what i'm looking for) is about where to actually get cups in Australia.

my biggest problem is that im a uni student and have a fairly meagre income although i want to invest in a reusable product which benifits me and the environment. ordering online via a credit or visa card isnt an option for me, as I dont have one. ebay might be an option via paypal or bank transfer though. I dont think theres any actually made here (or owned by aussies) but if there is please let me know as i'd love to buy aussie owned/made if at all possible.

so i guess its the general newb questions about where to get them and which one to get... although after my research im thinking of a ladycup (as im partial to green lol and they seem to be fairly decently priced on ebay). I found keepers are available here although I dont want one of them as theres something about the design I dont like. not sure what it is, but something puts me off unlike other brands i've seen pictures of.

and by the way, Melissa ( i think its you, if im wrong, please correct me!)- fantastic youtube vids, very informative, and you very promptly replied to my comment which is much appreciated XD

p.s since im also new to live journal i hope ive posted this right!!
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