K-to-tha-ARA (onesimpleplan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking into a cup, questions...?

Hello everyone!  I'm looking into getting a cup, and have actually spent about 2 hours poking around the forum learning all kinds of interesting things.  However, I still have a few questions that haven't been answered.  I'm sorry if these have been here before, I just haven't seen the threads!

1. I'm a plus sized woman.  Like a 22W (please don't judge).  I really want to try a cup, but sometimes reaching my vagina to insert a tampon is difficult.  It's easiest for me to do this (and reach my cervix) while squatting down.  Any other BBW have experiences (positive or negative) to help me make my decision?
2. I have a long vagina to begin with (5"6', but my gyno always has to use a long speculum!), and know that a longer cup such as the DivaCup would probably be best, but because I have an IUD, I'd like a cup with a loop as opposed to a stem.  It just seems like a loop would be easier to grasp (given my size), and would put less stress on my IUD and strings.  On a side note, I've only had the IUD for a month, and will probably wait another month or two before using a cup, to make sure I won't use it incorrectly and risk expelling the IUD.  Or maybe just until my super plus tampons run out, who knows!  Anyway, what are the brands of cups that have a loop?
(Paragard users, please feel free to tell me which cup you use, as the flow is supposed to be so much heavier and I don't want to empty all the time!  How often do you empty, and how full is the cup?)
3. WHERE do you empty your cup?  Do you flush the contents and then rinse in the sink?  This might be a silly question, but I work with 3 men, and would hate to clog the sink with my vagina's ex-contents and really gross them out.
4. Has anyone had luck buying a cup on eBay?  I notice they run about $20, is this cheaper than buying in the store?

Again, I'm sorry if these have already been answered.  I appreciate any guidance you can provide!  Thanks!
Tags: brand comparisons, cleaning, meluna, sizes/size issues, where to buy

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