Niomi Panshiko (panshiko) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Niomi Panshiko

Meluna questions on removal and comparison to Lady Cup

I own a small Ladycup which I love. It's leaked once or twice in the year and then only due to user error. It is a little tricky to remove sometimes, not prohibitively. But I do wear my cup all the time, not just when I'm on my period. Meluna caught my eye because it has cups with a ring or a ball at the end. I thought maybe this other cup would allow me to be more spontaneous with removal. It looks like from this photo that the small Meluna is about the same size as the cup I have. So, ladies, have any of you used both, are they as similar as they look? And, how much more effective are the balls and rings at the end for removal, particularly compared to Ladycup? Would anyone recommend the ball or ring over the other?
Tags: brand comparisons, lady cup, meluna

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