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Well this isn't anything really to bother the community about but i am having serious trouble deciding what color ladycup I want. HAHA. I really like yellow, but i was wondering if it will be neon or look like the mooncup yellow, and is it just a hint?  Because here-

the colors look like they are just a hint, BARELY and the orange looks like it has a lot of pink mixed with it. So I think im leaning more towards the orange also bc it doesn't look like just a hint.  I was thinking about the pinkcup too bc it! But in that pic i can barely tell it has any pink in it.  The lilaccup looks really pretty too, but honestly i never liked purple, so anyway to the people that have ladycups how much color is really in them?  And in your opinion which color is prettiest?

And also the reason i am getting a ladycup is bc it is so soft and one of the smallest brands. But i am a virgin and I heard that a lot of people have trouble getting the ladycup out because no grippers and bc it is so squishy.  And i heard virgins have even harder times getting it out.  From your own experiences how was the first time you used your cup?

I was gonna make a poll but decided not to bc i wanna hear your own words.

pic source:

well now i am thinking about getting a meluna, bc
1.)people say they are easier to get out
2.)they come in xsmall
3.)they have a really pretty green ^_^
but how much really, are they when it comes to shipping and stuff?

well thanks everyone i ordered a meluna off of feminine wear about a week ago. i hope it arrives soon!
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