crochetaduck (crochetaduck) wrote in menstrual_cups,

@&%$^%*@ LadyCup!

 Why must the LadyCup be so hard to remove?  In general I use a small Lunette, though it's capacity is a bit low for my heavy days and it's a bit rough for my light days.  I also have a small LadyCup, so once in a while I try to use it on a light day.  It goes in so smoothly and easily...  And then I can't get it out!  I got it out without too much trouble yesterday, so I thought I'd be fine and put it back in.  Then, of course, this morning it was stuck!  I've tried the rocking back and forth, and I've tried drying my fingers off, but as soon as I try again they are too wet again!  I've tried the giving up and coming back to it, but I'm still frustrated and sore, and now it's been in there 14 hours.

I know a lot of people use the LadyCup and love how do you get it out?

I wish there was a cup out there that was really smooth like the LadyCup but had a good, solid base that I could get a good grip on.  I don't think it would even really need grip lines as long as the base wasn't so squishy!  My other problem with the LadyCup is that the rim and top part is so stiff that I can't try to refold it while it's inside of me, because it won't squish in.

Is there a cup out there that's smooth but easy to remove?

Edit:  I got it out!  Thanks for all the advice.  I'm still open to smooth cup recommendations, though.
Tags: lady cup, removal - painful or problems

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