droodles515 (droodles515) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Loving my cups while my hormones go wild!

I'm 48 and I discovered menstrual cups about 6 months ago.  I remember thinking, "If only I had discovered them 35 years ago!"  Now, I think, "I discovered them just in time!"  My hormones are on the pre-menopause roller coaster!

My period starts/stops, is heavy/light, lasts 3 days/ lasts 10 days, shows up twice in one month...whatever wild thing it can do!  I'm working with my doctor (and bio-identical hormones) to bring everything back into balance.  Until then, my cups have been a real blessing. 

Just this month, if I didn't have cups, I would have spent a small fortune on tampons.  Not to mention the discomfort I would have felt after inserting a super plus tampon..thinking it was going to be a heavy day...and have it totally stop!

My period can be as wacky as it wants to be right now.  No worries with my Lunette or Mooncup.
Tags: success stories

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