goldfishcastle (goldfishcastle) wrote in menstrual_cups,

month 2

I now LOVE my LilacCup (small).   Originally purchased for environmental reasons and some concerns about all the toxic chemicals for absorbancy.  The first month I was indifferent.  Now, I can't believe I lived without the cup for so long.  I have a very light flow (5-6mL the entire cycle) so there's really no reason for me to empty the cup more than once a day.  Very handy!  It almost seems like I'm not on my period (which is wonderful).  No worries of TSS, no worries of leaks, no worries of the dog going through the trash... Thanks for all the advice from this community.  The size chart was particularily helpful as I decided which cup to purchase!
Tags: coloured lady cups, success stories
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