jaguar76 (jaguar76) wrote in menstrual_cups,


This is my 3rd cycle using the MCUK.

I doesn't leak anymore (thanks to your precious advice!!!) - I love it.

But now I noticed that it smells. Like........... I know this will sound gross, but do you know what it smells like when the farrier cuts a horses hooves? This cheesey, pungent smell? Well, my cup smells like that!

I boiled it before putting it back in the closet at the end of last cycle. 
I did this just to experiment. It didn't smell then.

The smell is not that strong, but I rather have it NOT smelling!

What can I do?
Can I use an essential oil on it? Which one? I have read about Neem oil, but I cannot find that. I have access to Tea Trea Oil, though.

Or peroxide water? What strength? 10%?

Tags: cleaning - smells

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