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Your pick for best cup for Show and Tell!

Hi, everyone!

This week, I have mentioned menstrual cups to two fellow classmates. I offered to bring a cup to show them, and they're both pretty eager to see a cup in person. Now, for those who remember me, I have been trying for about three years or so to use a cup, but I have an EXTREME learning curve. This means that my cups, although I've tried to insert them, have never officially been used. However, I nearly had success this last cycle, and I have a small Lunette on the way, so maybe next time I'll have true insertion success and finally be able to share ecstatic news with you all. :)

Anyway, even though I haven't used the cups I have (a trial large LilacCup and a small Mooncup UK), they have been cleaned. Before I would attempt to use them again, I would of course clean them after someone else touches them. The stems are still fully intact.

I'd really just like ideas on what cup (or cups) you consider to be a good, basic example for someone who has never seen one. Do you think it matters? Would any cup have initially persuaded you to try them? Would a certain cup scare you away from them? Would stiffness/flexibility have made a difference? For example, because I experience pain, a LadyCup would probably appeal to me more because it's so soft, whereas a rather stiff cup may have made me hesitant. Then again, the LadyCup doesn't seem to be "the norm" for cup stiffness.

I know we all have different experiences. I would probably have been scared off by a large cup since I'm not used to insertion. I figure any cup would have made me research them thoroughly myself, but I sort of wish I'd had the opportunity to see a cup in person before making a buying decision. Right now I think I'll bring both my small Mooncup UK and the trial large LadyCup, just to show them the differences, but your input is appreciated. :)
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