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Help Please

I have gotten to step 5 YEY.
So anyway here goes the next dilemma, I have no idea how to order online. I have done it before but that is when my parents had a paypal and a credit card. But now i have no way. I decided to get a prepaid credit card like whatever you put on it u get to spend i remember when I was in elementary school and all my friends got credit cards for their birthdays.  So yesterday I went hunting on google, here is what i found-
So then i went to Acme and they knew what I was talking about and said that they didn't carry them and to go to the bank. So I did that.  I asked the teller how to get one, well my dad did, then she was like what? So i said a PREPAID CREDIT CARD, and she said that they only had gift cards for the bank. I thought that was the same thing, and she asked my dad if he had a bank account and he doesn't anymore.  Anyway i thought you didn't need a bank account.
I was trying not to make this thing a big deal bc i don't think it will work the first time.  Too late.

So please can anyone tell me how else to order a ladycup online. I already found Ladycup's ebay store.  I really want one now that I have gotten this far.

Thank you everyone, my dad called walmart today, they said that its 3 bucks to activate, and 3 bucks monthly.  Great deal if you ask me, and then they send me a new one in the mail that you can charge up with more money anytime you want.

And i still haven't decided what color I want. lol So what color is prettiest in your opinion? I seen the new Lotos color, it's pretty! i gues it is just a dark peach color.
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