amandal76 (amandal76) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva newbie

well, things were going fairly well until today.  I am getting the hang of things and today when I went to empty my cup, I dropped it in the toilet :o(  I have searched this site over and over but Im really concerned.  It was after a #2 Im embarrassed to say.  The cup landed on the TP so not totally in the water.  I took it out, rinsed it in HOT water, wiped it out w/ alcohol, stuck it in the micro for 5 min, the wiped it out again w/ alcohol and rinsed it in HOT water.  Is this good enough or should I do something else???get a new cup?  Im so upset about this!  Thanks for your help...oh, and those of you who dont remove it while on the toilet, how do you remove it.  I am now looking for new ideas
Tags: cleaning
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